Welcome to FireFlight Aerial Arts, Johnson County’s new aerial arts studio. Located inside Lucas Gymnastics, FFAA provides group classes as well as private lessons on the aerial silks. Our group classes are divided into kids/teens and adults. Private lessons and group classes for aerial hoop/lyra are available also. Have you been wanting to try something new? Improve your skills on one of these apparatuses? This is the place for you! We teach anyone willing to learn no matter the age!

Come experience the joy of being in the air! Whether you want to spin, build strength, work flexibility, experience the thrill of dropping, learn beautiful poses and sequences, or just have some fun, all of that is taught here at FFAA. We hope you join us in our aerial experience as our business grows.

FFAA Instructors

Lauren Turk – Having been in acrobatic gymnastics since she was 10 years old Lauren has been around aerial arts for quite some time. It wasn’t until the year 2013, her second year in high school, that she was offered the chance at learning aerial silks. Having always been interested in the beautiful art she was ecstatic to get started. Not long after, she began performing and found that she just couldn’t get enough. Ever since then she has found a love for any and all things in the aerial arts world and is continuing her journey to learn all that she can. She has found strength, self-confidence, and beauty by way of aerial arts and hopes to share that with her students. She has high hopes of FFAA becoming a large training facility for any and all aerialists to learn and further their skills.